This is searchable archive of our old support forums, which operated from 2012 - 2016. To find out how to get support for your current theme, please visit our support page.


Frequently Asked Questions

What products can I get support for?

Here at, we provide support for:

  1. The Jump Start WordPress theme sold at
  2. All commercial WordPress themes sold by Theme Blvd at

For support with products purchased at Mojo Themes and Creative Market, please communicate with us through the their respective market portals.

How can I get support?

ThemeForest Customers

After you’ve registered for an account, you need to submit purchase codes from ThemeForest for the Theme Blvd products you’ve purchased, in order to get access to the corresponding theme forums. You can do this from the user menu in the top right corner of this website, when logged in: {Your Name} > Add Purchase Code

Jump Start Customers

Login with the username you setup when purchasing Jump Start at You will automatically have access to the Jump Start forum.

Where can I find the documentation for the theme I purchased on ThemeForest?

In the ZIP package you download from ThemeForest, there is a folder called “documentation” and inside there is a file called index.html — Simply open this file in your web browser (i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc).

What is the Theme Blvd WordPress framework?

This is the theme framework that we’ve developed exclusively for our commercial WordPress themes. Some popular WordPress themes currently running it include Jump Start, Swagger, Alyeska, and AkitaSee all themes.

Do all Theme Blvd themes have the same version of the framework?

We work hard to always keep are theme framework moving forward, and then implementing those changes into new WordPress themes, as well as the previously published ones. However, the reality is that usually not all themes out there are going to always be on matching framework versions. While we’re always trying to keep older themes up-to-date, this happens over time, and not all at once.

How do I know what framework version my theme contains?

First, make note of your theme’s most recent version and what version of the framework that theme contains. — See Themes Compatibility Table

Second, we understand that life happens, and you are not always up-to-date on the latest version of the theme you’re using. To see the current framework version of the theme installed on your site, go to Appearance > Theme Options, and look in the footer. Here, it will tell you your current theme version, framework version, and link you to your changelog. — See screenshot

Support Terms

Theme Support Defined

We only offer support for our themes, features and functionality unique to our themes (beyond that of WordPress). Please note that we cannot assist with general WordPress support or provide you with theme modifications and customizations in any capacity within our complimentary theme support.

With that said, complimentary theme support does NOT include the following:

  • Providing specific support for third-party plugins
  • Providing general WordPress support & how-to’s (Use forums for that)
  • Providing code customizations to extend default theme features
  • Providing fixes that are unique to your web hosting or server environment (although we can often point you in the right direction in contacting your web hosting support)

Support Response Times

We do our best to answer all support requests daily during the business week. With that said, please be patient when waiting for a response in the support forum and always allow 24-48 hours for a response during the standard business week, Monday through Friday.

Keep in mind that our support queue is based on the “freshness” of our support topics. This means that unanswered topics with the oldest replies will appear at the top of our queue when we are answering questions. So, in other words, posting a second time in your topic before we’ve had a chance to get to it will actually bump you down a bit in our queue, and may delay your response time.

Support Tips

Here are some tips to get the most efficient and timely support.

Make sure and check your theme’s documentation.

We spend a lot of time creating video tutorials and laying out a detailed documentation file to provide buyers with the purchase of our WordPress themes. Please review this file and its table of contents before asking questions that are covered in your documentation.

Provide relevant information.

Providing us with as much relevant information as possible regarding your issue will help both us and you to make the most of our time. The more time you spend putting thought into your question, the more time we put into helping you, and the quicker you will inevitably receive a solution to your issue.

Provide a link to your site.

If you’re asking about an issue specific to your site (which most often is the case), please provide a link to your site so we can view the issue and diagnose the problem. If you don’t provide a link, we will need to respond by asking you for a link to your site, and will inevitably delay the overall time in which we can help you to solve your issue.

Make sure question is theme-specific.

If you’re asking a general WordPress question, make sure to investigate this with an Internet search and not post this in our complimentary theme support. We understand that many buyers are beginners in working with WordPress, and it is not always clear if your question is theme-specific or not, and that is okay. However if you’re asking too many questions that are not theme-specific or it seems you’re taking advantage of our free support, we may stop responding to support topics.

Be respectful and courteous.

This should go without saying, but please do not be rude to our support staff or others in the forum. If you’re having an issue, we understand it can be frustrating; we’ve all been there. However, please be respectful and courteous with what you post here. Posting in a rude tone or with slanderous remarks will not help get you better support, and may result in your account being suspended from the forums.

Support Abuse

Simply put, please do not abuse our free, complimentary theme support.

Remember to take some accountability.

We have always provided timely, free customer support, which remember we are not required to do. This is a courtesy we offer to our buyers, but it is clear that some people abuse this service. Please put time and thought into what you’re asking and do not ask every question that comes to mind without trying to find the answer.

Do not ask for customizations.

Remember that we do not offer free customizations to our themes. We do our best to help buyers we can see are trying to make their own customizations and nudge them in the right direction, or point them to the proper documentation within our developer docs website. However, with that said, please do not expect that you can simply post a customization and we will provide it to you.

Don’t take advantage of our speedy response times.

It is obvious to us when buyers take advantage of our fast response times and start asking questions back-to-back without taking the time to investigate their issues themselves. When you do this, we will eventually stop responding to your support requests. This can be bad for you if you eventually come across a problem you truly cannot solve. Remember the boy who cried wolf? 😉

Theme Customizations

We’ve partnered with WerkPress, the best WordPress customization shop around. If you need customizations to your Theme Blvd WordPress theme, please fill out the form here and someone will be touch with you shortly.

Theme Bugs

We will address all theme bugs as quickly as possible once they are brought to our attention. Once we have corrected, tested, and updated our theme files, we will update the “Change Log” found on the item details page for that current product, whether on ThemeForest or Mojo-Themes. You can then head on over to to your download page on that respective website to re-download the new version of the theme files.