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wpml destroys the configuration of post grid in builder

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    I used post grid in builder for several pages and it worked like a charm.
    After adding a second language using wpml and themeblvd wpml bridge i run into the problem that in builder i no longer see the post categories to choose from but only one radio button reading “all categories”. This is the case not only für post grid but for all kinds of grids and lists. So to me it seems the filter mechanism of categories is no longer working for me and i need it so badly.
    Does anyone have an advice for me please! Any help will be appreciated deeply!

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    Jason Bobich


    When you’re using WPML, your categories are setup to be attached to your different languages. If you need help on this part, WPML support can get you all setup with this.

    Ok, so now on your site, you’ve got categories that belong to each language. Up at the top of the screen, with WPML’s drop down menu, you can toggle which language you’re currently viewing your admin in. When you do this, WPML has a filter on all pulls to categories.

    Confusingly for our situation, this will effect when you open up a custom layout and try to edit a layout with an element containing a selection of categories. —

    An example: Say you’re viewing your admin in French mode. When you edit a layout with a Post Grid, you will see only French categories. If you were to open up a layout you created previously while in English mode, saving the layout in French mode will “destroy” it because now when it’s displaying the layout back, it doesn’t have those English categories to check.

    Solution #1: So, the first solution to your problem is probably the most obvious. You need to be careful when you’re editing your layouts. If you want to create a layout for Langage A, then change to language A with the WPML switcher at the top of your WordPress admin. Then, moving forward, only edit and save this layout while in Language A mode.

    Solution #2: Now if this is too tedious, there is a more advanced way to input the categories via the “Custom Query” option of the Post Grid or Post Lists. You can just manually specify a category like this:




    See here:

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