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WordPress 3.6 update Slider problem

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    Dear Sir,
    Our website (using alyeska 2.1.5) was working great, we had updated to WP3.6 and the 2 slider in the main page stopped working … the first one showing the image and spinining also pagination of the slider not working now, before the update all sliders used to work fine without any problems.

    Please help

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    Jason Bobich


    On your site, you’re getting an error with jQuery which is breaking all javascript on your site, most noticely the sliders because they’re in the forefront.

    Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

    Generally, this means your javascript somewhere is caught within an infinite loop that it can’t resolve. I would start by running through all of your plugins and deactivating to see what’s conflicting. WordPress 3.6 incorporates a significantly newer version of jQuery, which the theme and many plugins utilize. So it’s very possible any one of your plugins that worked before with the previous jQuery could be breaking things now after the update.

    If you get everything deactivated and you’re still having this issue, please let me know so I can look at your site again.


    You are right, the problem is the conflict with Wysija Newsletters Version 2.5.4
    When I disable the plugin the slider works.

    What should i do to use the plugin with wp3.6 and Alyeska ?


    Jason Bobich

    I apologize, but I do not know of any newsletter plugins, personally. Maybe you could post in the support for the one you’re using and see if they have plans to update it so it works with WP’s newer version of jQuery.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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