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Whey theme sets all table cell elements to vertical-align: baseline?

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    When I insert a table into a page (using one of the plugin editors such as Ultimate TinyMCE), and create a simple table with 2 columns the display results are undesirable. For example, column 1 of each row has a photo, and column 2 has some text. Since the theme is setting {vertical-align: baseline} for all elements (and all table elements), the first line of text in column 2 aligns with the bottom of the photo in column 1.

    If I create a simple html5 web page with no styles, and put the same table in the body, the default vertical-align for td elements is “middle”, not baseline – in all browsers.

    I’ve added the following css to my child theme, but wanted to let you know, so others don’t struggle with trying to add tables in a page. Note also, when adding a table to the page editor in WP, the default vertical alignment displayed in the WP editor is middle, so when people publish their page and see the alignment is different, it’s confusing.

    td {vertical-align: middle}

    Not sure why, or if you need to set all the table elements to baseline alignment in themeblvd.css, but i’m sure you have a reason… Thank you.

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    Oops, i meant to say “Why…” in the header.

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