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vimeo in slider without black sidebars

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    I just purchased Akita and love it so far. I’m new to WordPress/themes, so forgive me if I’m asking silly questions. I was wondering why my vimeo videos have the black sidebars when I embed them in a slider. YouTube videos go full screen. I do not like the look of the black sidebars.

    Ideally, I’d love to get my home page to look/act like this homepage where the slider is in the primary area and when a slide is click’d, it will play large in size in the feature area.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Jason Bobich


    It’s difficult to get the embedded videos to be responsive and not have any extra black on them anywhere because we lose the ability to input exact dimensions (notice the site you’re linking to isn’t responsive). So this is going to depend on the actual dimensions of your video (more specifically the aspect ratio resulting from those dimensions). It is possible that the ratio of the YouTube video vs that of the Vimeo video you’re using is not exactly the same.

    But outside of the actual embedded video itself, the aesthetic design surrounding the slider the site you’re linking to is not going to look the same as the Akita theme’s. Can I see a link to what you’ve setup?

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