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prettyPhoto deeplinking — URL/#!prettyPhoto

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    When closing a light box image /#!prettyPhoto is added to the URL. It doesn’t look very nice.
    Can something be done about this, so that it isn’t added to the URL?


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    Jason Bobich


    This is honestly something I looked into quite extensively at one point and could never figure out. I believe it is a bug with prettyPhoto. This is a feature they call “Deeplinking” and they give you a parameter when you call prettyPhoto() from your javascript to disable it like deeplinking: false which the framework does. However, it seems the problem and where the prettyPhoto bug comes in is that it simplifies the string to “#!prettyPhoto” and removes the rest of the deeplink URL, but yeah, obviously as you pointed out, this isn’t all that nice. I’m not totally sure what could be done about it, to be honest.


    Pretty sure it is fixed in PrettyPhoto 3.1.5 or 3.14 as I do not see extra link. Not mentioned in changelog but if I use file from Jump Start there it is, if 3.15 nope, so I assume changlog is just what he rememered when writing it up. One of the reasons why I always update 🙂

    Actually you should not just overwrite Jump Start file with new because it is modded to behave better for tiny devices. Out of the box new PrettyPhoto is not.

    Jason Bobich

    I will grab current version 3.1.5 and mod it for the next framework update. I’ll do this tomorrow and post here if this fixes the deeplinking issue or not.


    I don’t know if this is a optimal fix, but it has worked for me. Remove #!prettyPhoto from the bottom of /framework/frontend/assets/js/prettyphoto.min.js

    Find: indexOf("#!prettyPhoto"))?true:false

    and replace it with: indexOf(""))?true:false

    Jason Bobich

    All right, let me try to sort out some of this confusion.

    1) The theme you guys are all using, Jump Start v1.0.0, contains my modified version of prettyPhoto v3.1.3. — Apparently in this version of prettyPhoto, the bug exists with the deeplinking not being disabled.

    2) I was confused on this topic at first because about two months ago, in my working Jump Start v1.0.1, I updated prettyPhoto to v3.1.4 and applied my modifications. In looking at my current development version of Jump Start with prettyPhoto v3.1.4, it appears this deeplinking issue has been fixed.

    3) And now prettyPhoto has released v3.1.5 as @karlo pointed out, which apparently fixes issues with jQuery 1.9. I will now update prettyPhoto from v3.1.4 to v3.1.5, although this does not appear to effect the topic at hand here.

    4) Follow all that? — To sum up, Jump Start v1.0.1 should not have this lame deeplink issue!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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