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Update to 1.2.7 Theme

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    More information:
    I see this as an issue with 10 sites that are version 1.2.6
    one site is V1.2.1 and is not saying it needs to be updated
    several that are V1.2.6 that are not showing that they need to be updated
    (I have deleted cache), hosting on GoDaddy, Host Gator
    VERY strange …
    ~ Ingrid

    Jason Bobich

    Hi Ingrid,

    Looks like I had made a typo in the updated theme’s url. Go ahead and try again.

    And there is a caching process that happens with checking for these updates (done with WP transients, nothing to do with your hosting) — so that every time you load your admin pages, you’re not sending out and checking for updates. So, give it time, and you should see the updates in all the sites.


    Outstanding! Thank you Jason.
    Gotcha on the hosting etc. just wanted to give you any details to hone in.
    Happy Day
    ~ Ingrid

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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