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Update Slider Lost Button

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    Hi Jason,

    The slider 1.1.0 lost its button option. I’m setting up a site about to go live and had buttons on each slide. Now, this is missing from the slider interface. Is this permanently gone or just an oversight?



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    Jason Bobich

    Yup, there are no more buttons on full width slides any more. I hate taking stuff away and try not do it often, but in this case with the all the work I did to make the image links more usable and in the forefront and styling tweaks to get the full image slide descriptions looking nicer and more consistant, things were getting way to sloppy across themes with a button on top of these clickable image link slides.

    So, when you’re working with a slider, if you change the alignment of the image, you’ll see the “Button” element toggle on and off. But really the button before was just outputted immediately following the description of the slide. You should be able to just place a link or button in there and get a similar result.


    No problem. I hate sliders anyway. I just put in HTML.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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