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Update Akita Theme?

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    I purchased the Akita Theme in early spring. I have seen that there have been some updates since then. Is there a way to get the newest version (or would I have to buy that one again!?) and is there a risk of damaging my blog by updating to the newest version? We have made a lot of changes in our child theme (akita-child).

    Would be great to get some intel about that matter. ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Jason Bobich


    Updates are totally free. Here is a complete video on updates for you:

    And I would always try to keep the theme up-to-date. Keep in mind there is another big update coming in the next month, which will be Akita v1.2.

    If you have specific problems with customizations that were working from your Child theme previously and not now, just let me know.


    Hello Jason,

    I have updated to version 1.1.5

    Unfortunately, I got a critical error on trying to reactivate my child theme:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /www/htdocs/w00e5697/wordpress_beta2/wp-admin/menu.php on line 43

    Had before version 1.0.0. Any ideas?

    I tried to put the “akita” folder per FTP on my webspace. That didn’t work proper, got some error about one folder couldn’t be placed within the framework folder. So I deleted the whole “akita” folder on my webspace and gave it another try – it worked. At least it seemed so.
    I also have an updated of the old akita folder on my webspace.

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    Solved it by adding “php_value memory_limit 96M” to my .htaccess…

    Now it works again… but everything crashed. Can’t even read a full article – I always see the preview with “read more”…


    I am back to “akita 1.0”.
    Any idea what went wrong? We have never changed anything in akita nor in the core files – just in akita-child. And are there any really important reasons why we should update?

    Jason Bobich

    If you can’t handle an update, you’re eventually going to get left behind and when you run into future problems, you’re not going to be able to solve them.

    If you’re updating and this is happening, I would definitely have a look at what you’re actually putting in your Child theme and how you’re handling your files. I honestly am kind of stumped to what you could be doing that would cause this, but something you’re doing is just not right.

    Can I see what’s in your Child theme’s functions.php? —


    I see… ๐Ÿ™

    Have uploaded our functions.php of the child theme:
    The child theme wasn’t done by me, therefor I am not sure what kind of changes were made. But at the bottom section are just some additional custom fields for the author page (birthday, location, music favors, etc).

    We are using a static site as frontpage/lading page, where we have build sections of all categories. Looks like that:
    That was generated with the “builder” in the backend that comes with the theme and some of the “content-xxxxx.php”-files.

    Another minor change was the “category-review.php”-page with all articles of the category review. With the help of custom fields a “header” will be generated for each article. Look like that:

    Other files in the child theme:
    custombackend.css [empty]
    page-team.php [uses all the custom fields of the function.php to generate a overview of the blog staff]
    style.css [empty]

    On Akita 1.1.5 every article refused to display the whole content. Even with the direct link (e.g. just a preview was displayed.
    Another huge problem/error was, that all the formatting was broken. The slider on the top showed everything (tags, categorys, comments) and the headline was above of the “featured zone”. The sidebars went mad with some fancy colors.

    Do you need anymore input? Any help is highly appreciated! :-))


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    Jason Bobich

    Something seems off here. You have a lot going on in your Child theme’s functions.php, but nothing that seems like it should cause any errors.

    When you said this:

    I tried to put the โ€œakitaโ€ folder per FTP on my webspace. That didnโ€™t work proper, got some error about one folder couldnโ€™t be placed within the framework folder. So I deleted the whole โ€œakitaโ€ folder on my webspace and gave it another try โ€“ it worked. At least it seemed so.
    I also have an updated of the old akita folder on my webspace.

    … It kind of made me wonder if maybe you’re confused about where the WordPress theme files are supposed to go on your server?

    I’m honestly not sure what else to tell you from the info I have. I do sort of find it intriguing how much you guys have done with that Child theme. If you’d be willing to give me FTP details and access to your WP admin, I’d be willing to try and update the theme to see what happens and maybe see if anything comes to mind.

    If you’d like me to do that, go to My Account here on the forum and you can submit the information to me there.


    That is an offer I can’t refuse. You should have an private message. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had placed akita 1.1.5 to the theme folder within the content folder. Well, there were some other basic-themes like twenty-eleven – so, I guess I had the right place… But who knows, maybe I am just to dumb to do this. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Jason Bobich

    Ok, so I literally did not do anything except upload the latest version of the theme with my FTP client. I’m not seeing any errors. Are you?

    On your server, you’ll see the most current version of the theme in the folder called “akita” —


    And I left the old theme there for you in case you have other problems in a folder called “akita_1.1.0” but keep in mind it’s not linked up to your Child theme and so it’s currently not doing anything.


    Hi Jason,

    thanks for trying. Yeah, it’s not a mess like the last time, but still insufficient.

    Maybe you would like to give it another look:
    – menu style: change from the dark grey to this annoying green
    – slider: one huge mess. headline is above the slider, tags are displayed, complete style changed, button moved to new places
    – article: are just shown until the preview
    – background: was transparent before (for alle sites and views), isn’t now

    Some “before-after” pictures:
    – slider/menu style:
    – article:
    – background:

    I think to have fixed articles: I changed the name of “content.php” to “content-old.php” and renamed “content-single.php” to “content.php”. But I am not so sure what kind of consequences that will have – maybe you confirm that this was the right move?

    The slider and the background is killing me… Tried and tried and… Any idea?

    Nevertheless, rest of it seems to be lovely after all. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Jason Bobich

    I’m sorry Neo, but we’re really moving past customer support now. I was under the impression you were updating and the entire theme was breaking with PHP errors, which isn’t the case at all. For these kinds of minor stylistic customizations you’re really going to need to contact your developer and I’m sure they can get you squared away with a couple of billable hours, for any slight tweaks that might need to be made with their CSS changes.

    As far as the template part files, it is important to note that “content-single.php” of the previous version is now “content.php” and “content-single.php” no longer exists in the theme. So, content.php is what’s responsible for displaying single posts. — But this is the only change in this regard. However, in your case you have many files that your developer has added in there.

    What your developer has done with a themeblvd_posts function is a little cumbersome and there are probably better ways that could have been accomplished that without copying that entire function over, but that’s how he/she substituted a lot of your template parts in, in opposed to filtering.

    This is all outlined here:


    Hey Jason,

    well okay. Thanks anyway for helping. ๐Ÿ™‚

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