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Trouble shoot archive links

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    Hi Jason,
    it seems like my archive links ar enot working correctly. If you go to and look at the last links in the right side bar the text for exmaple that reads January 2013 is linked as but when click on it goes to the main/home page.

    I looked at the settings in wp and the theme and could not find anyhting that I could tell would fix this. So I thought maybe it was something with the live site so I tried my local dev/sand boxed site and it does the same thing.

    Do you have any thoughts?

    Thank you, Mike

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    ok jason, I found what was happening. I have the Yoast SEO plugin. One setting reads ” [check box] Disable the author archives.

    If you’re running a one author blog, the author archive will always look exactly the same as your homepage. And even though you may not link to it, others might, to do you harm. Disabling them here will make sure any link to those archives will be 301 redirected to the homepage.”

    So Jason is it bad medicine to have an archive? It seems like it would be good for folks to be able to find past posts. I am a novice user to WordPress so I would appreciate your thoughts and opinion.

    If I dont use the archive I should probably take the widget out of the right side bar. Hey at least I knew how to do that! 🙂
    Happy trails, Mike

    P.S. you see those 2 super bowl ads…the horses and budwieser, and dodge trucks with Paul Harvey speakin’? Made me tear up.

    Jason Bobich

    I’m not quite sure I understand the dilemma, but I don’t really know why you’d ever want to disable the archive links. The theme uses one file called archive.php that displays all archives — tag archives, date archives, author archives, category archives, and search results.


    I guess from what the seo folks say is if you dont disable them youcould end up with duplicate content especially if you linked to them via a widget on all the pages and posts.

    I dont know. I am a wordpress novice.

    The yoast seo plugin seems to recommend disabling the author and date archives.

    I did read something that said if you want to display archives you should do it on one page and link to that page.

    Is that something that makes sense and could I do it with Alyeska?

    Thanks, Mike

    Jason Bobich

    Sure, you’d just be creating a page with the Post List page template. Checkout your documentation for custom fields you can use with the Post List page template to determine what shows on any one instance.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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