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Tip: Carrousel slider border around center image

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    As you add more photos to the carrousel slider the images on the side of the center photo are only slightly shorter (height) than the center photo. This makes the center photo not stand out as much, and if the colors of other photos are similar, then you start wishing the center photo had a border around it.

    Adding the CSS below to your Theme Options > Styles > Custom CSS will give the center photo a nice border as in this photo:

    .carrousel-slider-wrapper .roundabout-in-focus .grid-protection {border: 4px solid #222}

    Jason, it looks like the outer div (slide-body) of each carrousel photo has an allocated white space below the photo. I’m wondering if the carrousel slider has an option for showing text under each slide, and if so, if that’s something you may add to the carrousel slider admin area in the future (slide Title)?

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    Jason Bobich

    There’s no white space allocated. The design of this specific theme has padding under the images to allow for the slight shadow image to show beneath each photo for effect.

    I don’t have any plans to expand on that slider type. If you’d like to make your own slider type with the elements you want to include, here’s instructions:

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