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themeblvd_lightbox quit working

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    Rick Rigdon

    We just upgraded to the new version of Jumpstart (1.1.0) and just noticed that all of our images are no longer using the themeblvd_lightbox like we are telling it to. I checked the actual images in the edit window and the REL statement is there and it’s showing up in the source, but it doesn’t lightnox; instead, it pulls the image up full size in the window.

    I also noticed that when I inserted a new image, it was giving me the [lightbox…] shortcode which I had never seen before and after a bunch of searching found out how to turn that off; however, that didn’t seem to do anything with the problem above.

    Finally, just in case you are not aware, the Jumpstart site is completely down.


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    Rick Rigdon

    Just tried something else: on our test site, I replaced the 1.1.0 with the previous 1.0.2 and everything starts working again. Something in the new version is preventing the themeblvd_lightbox from working.

    Jason Bobich


    Yup, in Jump Start 1.1, we’ve gotten rid of prettyPhoto, and so now we no longer use rel="themeblvd_lightbox". This is technically invalid HTML5 markup, and so we wanted to get rid of that.

    You can now link to lightboxes with the [lightbox] shortcode:

    Or, you can also do it manually with HTML like this: (see end of page)

    And if you just want to get prettyPhoto and all of the rel="themeblvd_lightbox" working again, you can install this plugin:


    align=”right” or left in i.e. 8 closes the photo but the lightbox works. This only happens using the new lightbox shortcode
    and after the Jump Start 1.1.1 with Theme Blvd Framework 2.3.0 update as well..
    for me this is not a big deal at all.. and for all I know could just be my set up .
    I saw this post and thought to share in case..

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