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themeblvd_lightbox can it be used to show Caption and Description from WP Media

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    Hi Jason,
    When we use rel=”themeblvd_lightbox” in Jumpstart, we get a nice lightbox with a white space below it that contains the button to close the lightbox. There is room for the caption and maybe the description there in that white space. What do we do to display the Caption and Description? (We have entered the caption & description along with the photo in the WP Media system, but they do not appear when the photo appears in the lightbox.)
    Any tips on where to learn this would be appreciated.

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    Jason Bobich

    You do have a space there that will fit a description; prettyPhoto takes this from the title attribute of the link. So, it would be something like this:

    <a href="" title="Your description..." rel="themeblvd_ligthbox">Link to lightbox</a>

    Below are more usage examples on using prettyPhoto. In the examples, everywhere you see rel="prettyPhoto", just replace with rel="themeblvd_ligthbox".


    Very nice. We are now using this “Title Feature,” and I remember learning this a long time ago when I was starting out with Akita and watching all your tutorial videos. That answers the above question.

    So now I am working with a Featured Image photo on a Page, and when the Photo is clicked, it opens a LightBox of a Youtube Video, and there is No Caption showing at all below the video.
    Then when I close the video lightbox and click on that Post’s Title, I go to the Post itself.
    When on the Post, I see the Featured Image like I would expect followed by any text.
    Then I click on the Featured Image to see the lightbox video, and there is the Caption showing under the video. But this caption only appears when the video is accessed from the Post, and does not appear when video is accessed from the Page on which the post is “advertised.”

    If there is an easy way for the LightBox to show the Caption when the video is accessed from the Page, please let me know.

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