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ThemeBlvd Shortcodes Enhancement

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    Johanna Heath

    Hi Jason,
    What of the chances of having a new shortcode for listing posts?
    I effectively want the selection criteria of the post list shortcode, but the layout of an accordion. In the accordion header I would like to add the featured image too.
    In the accordion body I would like to choose expert or content of the post
    Kind Regards

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Johanna,

    This most likely wouldn’t be anything we’d add because it’s not too applicable in general. Is it possible to use different instances of the [post_list] shortcode within your toggles? Each [post_list] could be setup to show the specific post you want.

    Johanna Heath

    I understand. The main issue is getting the featured image into the accordion header.

    We have now developed our own version – nearly done!

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