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Theme Options Tabs

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    Alan Cohen

    In the child theme of Jump Start that I am using, there are only two Theme Options Tabs, with limited customization. I noticed in Alyeska that there are four Theme Options Tabs with many customization options. Are there more Options Tabs available for Jump Start? If so, how do I upload or access them.


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Alan,

    These are all of the default framework options. If you’d like to add more, this will depend on the design and requirements of your child theme. Here are the developer docs on using the Theme Options API.

    If you’ve purchased Alyeska, you can also see how we go from what you see in Jump Start to what you see in Alyeska by looking at /includes/options.php within the Alyeska theme. You’ll see there we’re making use of all the functionality described in the above link of our developer documentation.

    Additionally, you can see /includes/theme-functions.php of Alyeska to see how many of those options are implemented on the frontend with every time you see themeblvd_get_option().

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