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Theme Options lost

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    I have the child theme installed. I was adding Custom CSS to the Theme Options panel. It grew too large to manage by that.

    So I went to the Theme Editor, setup the template, and went back to the Theme Options to grab all my changes.

    Now all those changes (which took hours to build) are gone!

    I have a backup of my server. Where were the contents of the Theme Options being saved?

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    Well, I think I’ve recovered all the lost changes. I just restored the entire child directory.

    If I add my CSS changes to the custom.css, it’s working.

    The WP Theme Editor wants to edit style.css.

    Is there a way to customize Arcadian within WP or do I have to use FTP and an external editor?

    Jason Bobich


    This is because theme options are saved to the database based on the name of the theme. To see all of your previously saved theme options, simply activate the Parent theme again.

    Here’s some more info on this and different things you can do:


    Ah – thanks for the clue and the fast response!

    I have been reading your tutorial, and hadn’t gotten to the “Digging Deeper into the Framework” section.

    Of course, my exact question was answer there LOL. I’ll keep reading the docs and “digging deeper.” This was just a minor moment of panic.

    BTW – the Arcadian theme is working out really well. Hope to go live by the end of this month.

    Jason Bobich

    Awesome, glad you got it figured out! 🙂

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