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theme blvd mini post list and wpml

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    I’ve a problem showing the mini post list widget in multiple languages, I’ll try to be more clear as possible:

    I’m using Barely Corporate and Wpml plugin.
    I’ve two languages: english and italian (default: english).
    I’ve just created a custom sidebar: I added the theme blvd mini post list widget to this custom sidebar.
    This widget shows 3 articles of a specific category in english language.
    After that, I’ve create the italian translation of this category and the 3 articles.
    Now, during navigation, if I switch language from english to italian, the custom sidebar appears empty, instead of showing the mini post list widget with that 3 articles translated in italian.

    Why the translated version is not shown in automatic?

    It seems like the widget doesn’t switch to the category translated. I think this because If I go in the “widget areas” and I add manually the translated posts into this custom sidebar, it will shows them correctly.

    hope could help, and could be a more simple solution.
    Because this means that when my client add a new article (in english) toghether with its translation (in italian), the translated article (italian) will not appears until I manually add it from the widget areas.

    Thanks for the attention.

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    Excuse me fro the mistake.

    Found the solution, While I’m browsing the administration I must switch to italian language, so I can add the translated category to the custom sidebar in “widget areas”.

    Sorry for the previous article.

    Jason Bobich

    Perfect! Glad you figured it out.

    In the future, if you run into something that is more complicated where you’re not able to do this, or maybe WPML doesn’t have a way to distinguis between the two languages — maybe you’re dealing with some custom post type/taxonomies from some plugin or whatever, that doesn’t jive right with switching languages — you can always use widget logic.

    You’d install this plugin:

    This plugin allows you to put conditional statement into widgets for whether they should show or not. Here’s on an article on utilizing WPML features with this, so you could essentially have different instances of widgets for different languages.

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