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Theme Blvd Admin Presence Updated for 2.5+ ?

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    Hey Jason,

    Hope you had a good WordCamp. I heard it was a really great crowd.

    I am wondering if the Admin Presence plugin works with the newest framework. I tried searching the forum and didn’t come up with anything. Also, I don’t remember it being mentioned when we were going through all the plugins when you first launched the new jumpstart.

    Thanks for everything!

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    Jason Bobich


    Yeah, it was good times!

    Just go ahead and try it. In theory, it should still work the same. All the same filters are there that its using. Maybe at this point, it doesn’t hide all admin presence, as it once did? But it should still hide theme options, sliders page, layout builder templates page, and widget areas page.

    Honestly though it’s not really a plugin I want to update. I think the way it accomplishes things is not really WP-friendly. I think if you have a client and you want them to not see certain admin elements, you can give them a diminished user-role.



    So when I demote someone to the editor role, then they can’t see/edit the page builder elements on the custom layout pages. This means that there may be some text in content sections, etc. that they will not be able to edit. I was hoping this would just remove the admin options/settings and leave the ability to edit the page builder content on each page.

    I’ll play around a little and see. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, I believe the 4 admin pages I mentioned above require (be default) that a user have the edit_theme_options capability, which requires the administrator role. So an Editor role won’t see those 4 admin pages.

    However, I think they will still the custom layout on the Edit Page screen. But if you want to separate this out from them, you can build your layout in a template over on the Templates page of the WordPress admin, which will be hidden.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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