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Text Logo Color Change

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    Is there a simple custom CSS code I can use to change the color of my “Site Title” logo? I don’t know CSS and don’t want to mess anything up, but if it’s really simple and I can it in the Theme Options Custom CSS box, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I’ll have a developer friend fix that for me.

    Other than that, this theme really is awesome and I’ve had fun building two sites with it.

    Thanks! My website is

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Lisa,

    That’s really great to hear, thanks!

    Please remember that support doesn’t include providing code customizations, but I’m generally pretty open to helping those who are trying to learn and especially those trying to understand more complex things specific to the Theme Blvd framework.

    But a change like this is a super basic example of making an easy CSS customization that you can take advantage of to learn from. This all might seem overwhelming at first to read, but understanding basic CSS changes like this will really help you in managing websites, and not having to contact a developer for such minor things.

    CSS customizations, no matter how complex, are always made from your overriding changes. These overriding changes ideally should go in the style.css of your child theme.

    However, since you’re not using a child theme, they can also go in the theme options page Custom CSS box. But over time, this can get cluttered if you continue making CSS changes from there. The main point here is that you never have to worry about finding some random file to edit; CSS can always be overridden from your custom CSS.

    Trying to make a change like the question you’re asking would be a great chance to learn a little about basic CSS. You don’t need to pay a developer or master computer science. Just give it a go — To find the change, you’ll just Right Click > Inspect element on the element of your website you want to look into, in your web browser (I suggest using Google Chrome).

    Remember when I showed you how to use the Chrome inspector to locate a similar change a couple of years ago? That screenshot will apply now, too … and always 🙂

    After inspecting the element, you can make sure you’ve selected the HTML element wrapping the logo text in the left column of the inspector, and then identify a selector to use from the right column of the inspector. Then, you can copy that selector to your own CSS and use the color property within, to change color of the text. (this is a great visual representation)

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