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Target Date for Akita Bootstrap Update

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    Good Morning, Jason:
    Do you have a target date in mind for updating Akita with the Jump Start framework features (i.e. Bootstrap, FontAwesome, …) you had in mind? And is there an offer in the works for your existing theme customers to purchase Jump Start? Just wondering and getting my ducks in a row for adding style and content enhancements to my Akita site. I’m wondering, too, whether I should just go with Jump Start (convert Akita site) but I don’t know the functionality differences in the planned-for Akita update vs Jump Start. I’d appreciate your comments.


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    Jason Bobich


    I am working hard on updating all themes, but unfortunately I cannot give you any kind of date at this time. I want to update all ThemeForest themes with this framework at the same time, as well as update all documentation.

    Akita v1.2 (upcoming release) has everything Jump Start has, but with the addition of all the design modifications that make up Akita and any stylistic options that go with that design. In Akita v1.2, I’ve also made several minor tweaks to make the overall responsive design look quite a bit nicer, and it now has an option for a main menu that toggles open/closed for mobile similar to what you see on Jump Start. But in terms of overall functionality, everything outside of the theme options page is essentially the same between Akita v1.2 and Jump Start (including incorporation of Bootstrap).


    I’ll be interested in seeing the tweaks for Akita’s overall responsive design when you update. If you are performing most of the coding and QA you must be knee deep in the work. Thanks for your response.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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