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Tag Cloud Issue

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    Also, I’m starting to think this is going to look like keyword stuffing, if not formatted correctly, which scares me. šŸ™‚



    Jason Bobich

    You are totally free to use whichever version of the theme you’d like, but yes many changes have been made.

    Although your previous editions include a very nicely tabular widget. it seem as if the new version of the theme lacks the same modular punch.

    There are tons of widget plugins you can from either code code canyon or plugin repository.

    It’s probably a good idea to embrace the plugin route, and rely solely on all of things baked into the theme by default. In the next version of the theme, Alyeska 3.0 that’s coming soon, all of this functionality — Layout Builder, Sliders, Widgets, Shortcodes, etc — has been moved to plugins that people can choose to use or not, making things truly modular. Also, ThemeForest has just dropped a new set of rules on all authors, and so you will start seeing these sorts of changes across all themes on ThemeForest in the next several months.

    There are many tags that Iā€™d like to use, but the sidebar shows all of them and they are also listed on the post itself in a non-modular manner.

    I’m sure if you search around for plugins, you can find other ways to display tags. You can also easily edit any of the content areas of the theme from your own child theme, and remove any calls to showing tags.

    This is something cool I found: — Kind of looks up your alley.

    Also, Iā€™m starting to think this is going to look like keyword stuffing, if not formatted correctly, which scares me

    I would say the way you’re using tags is not quite how WordPress intends. What you are doing is essentially keyword stuffing. I’m not sure how else it could be put.


    Please be patient for responses. There’s no need for these sorts of posts, and it’s not going to help you in the long run with getting answers. Trust me. šŸ˜‰



    Appreciate the link, but I really LOVE your old widget, Couldn’t you please include it in the upgraded version somehow? Actually, it’s one of the reasons I’ve used your theme above most others and boast about your tools.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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