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some problem with layout after Update 3.0

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    problem fixed : “No responsive Menue!!” (Bild2.jpg)
    It’s a nice funktion inside the Theme ;-))

    Buttondesign (Bild3.jpg)
    You have change the Buttondesign!
    I need the older Style …. 🙁

    best regards

    Jason Bobich

    This is a huge update for the theme. We’ve completely re-tooled many smaller components in the framework with the incorporation of Twitter Bootstrap frontend framework. I apologize, but not everything is going to look identical to before.

    Also, if you’ve been making CSS customizations, you need to revisit them to make sure everything jives with the updated theme. A huge portion of the theme’s CSS has been re-written to accommodate updated features and Twitter Bootstrap.

    – Layout broken after Tweeple

    Yeah, this a bug that is present for custom layouts in general. It’s fixed in the next update to be posted shortly.

    – Tweeple Font

    These appear to be from CSS customizations you’ve made, possibly? Here’s how the Tweet element should be looking Alyeska 3.0:

    – Framed Pictures

    How are these images being displayed? This is how a post grid should scale down in Alyeska 3.0:

    – Buttondesign
    – Tab design (Background inactive Tab’s)

    Button and tab designs changed with Twitter Bootstrap.

    – Breadcrumbs

    And yes the breadcrumbs have also changed, along with the default separator. Here’s how you could get back the old separator though:

    function my_breadcrumb_atts( $atts ) {
    	$atts['delimiter'] = '<span class="divider">&#187;</span>';
    	return $atts;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_breadcrumb_atts', 'my_breadcrumb_atts' );

    – Alert box icon missing

    So, for the icon now on this shortcode, you need to input one. You can select anything from the Fontawesome directory. Just take the icon class and remove the word “icon-” from the front.

    For example:


    Thank’s Jason!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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