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slug/page name change & blank target for menu jump

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    Hi –

    Two questions:

    1) Is there a master list of all previously used slugs? I used to have a page That page was deleted. Then, I tried to make again, but the system would not let me and instead required a new name. It is now I can’t change it to just “news.” So, I’m wondering if there is a history of all previous slugs/names and that is why it won’t let me use a previous one.

    2) Menu question. I have a custom link for one of my menu buttons but I want to make it open a new window. I tried using html in the custom URL for the menu, but that doesn’t work. Do you know how I can do this?


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    Jason Bobich


    Note that both of these questions don’t actually have anything to do with Jump Start, specifically, and are just general WordPress features.

    1) If I had to guess, and assuming you’re not using any kind of 3rd party plugins that manipulate links on your site, that you are not deleting these pages from your Trash?

    When you delete a post, it goes to your trash, but it still exists, until you empty your trash (similar to files on your computer). If that’s it, I’m not sure; I’d post in the forums.

    2) Under WordPress’s menu builder, you want to turn on the Target option. Here’s a screenshot that hopefully helps:


    Yes! Thank you – both solutions worked.

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