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Slider Wishlist: duplicate or image show/hide toggle

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    Hi Jason,

    I’m thinking of using my site’s existing sliders in part as a substitute for 3rd party popups to advertise events. By inserting an image for the event and making it clickable I could send people to the event’s landing page. When the event’s over I’d need to eliminate the image from rotation, but have it on hand to reactivate for the next event. That’s the use case.

    Currently, unless I’ve missed something, I’ll have to delete and reinsert the event image, or recreate the current slider from scratch and add the image to that.

    This process could be eased in two ways:
    • a show/hide toggle for each image, or
    • the ability to duplicate existing sliders based on existing sliders. Since Builder already has a Starting Point option I wonder if that could easily be extended to sliders…

    The benefit of duplicating is to keep sliders separate, with meaningful names.

    My use case might also benefit from variable timing, the ability to change a single slide’s duration. In this use case I’d display the event slide for some additional time and keep the others on their common duration. The rationale is that the event slide will take a bit more effort for the visitor to assess than the other slides.

    Thanks for considering this!

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    Jason Bobich

    As things roll along, I’m trying to sort of push people away from using the actual Theme Blvd Sliders plugin, or at least give people other options that are not quite as complex. Additionally, I find it difficult to support the Sliders plugin in its entirety, along with all options and slider types among all themes.

    In the next update, the Builder has its own way of adding sliders that is so quick and easy. While this functionality is limited in that you don’t have all the options of a slider from the plugin, it’ll give you a way to quickly add a slider to your layout. The updated Builder also has a “Duplicate” link for all elements, so you could duplicate one of these sliders and then make edits to it, there in the Builder.


    Hah! You may find this amusing; to me the built-in slider is among the easiest of Akita’s things to use. I hope you’re not going to end-of-life the slider plugin! Will the updated Builder recognize sliders made w/the plugin and allow duplicating them?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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