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Slider Randomly Stops

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    The slider on my site ( randomly stops (replicated this condition on Chrome and IE so far) and I can’t quite figure out why. Lately, I’ve noticed that it happens when I hover over the slider, but then when I remove the cursor, it won’t transition to the next slides. Any suggestions on how to diagnose potential issues? Slider is set to fade, 6 seconds between transition, Pause on hover only. Using WP 3.5.1 and Akita 1.1.5 with the accompanying child theme. Thanks!

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Marc,

    Your slider is working as it should, as far as I can tell. It rotates automatically until you hover over it. I think you may be misunderstanding the options for the slider is all. You have the slider set to “pause on hover only” but it sounds like you want to use of of the other two options.


    Now don’t I feel stupid. Thanks, Jason. Didn’t previously see that option. All good now!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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