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Slider on Preview

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    Hello, I am really trying to set up a slider style as per your preview but for the life of me I can not work it out… I have selected all the sliders and there options and it will not work… I am wanting to use it on my homepage with the same appearance as this slider:

    It is the one with the smaller images which are all visible and rotate around.

    If you can help me and point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it!

    Kind regards,


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Laura,

    Can you try to give me a little more information about what you’re doing and what’s not working? Or which apart about creating a slider doesn’t make sense to you? And have you watched the Sliders video series in your documentation? This is a good starting video to watch that shows how to create a basic slider:


    Hello Jason,

    Thank you for getting back to me. Yes I am competent at setting up a slider and have watched your video to make sure I have not missed anything, your dashboard and slider options are different from mine in the Alyeska theme but I understand it….

    I just can not seem to figure out the settings to get my slider to look like the put on the Alyeska theme preview under the “PortFolio Homepage” sample layout on

    I have selected and played around with all the different slider types and options but can’t seem to figure it out or get my slider to resemble it!

    Anything Slider
    3D Slider
    Accordion Slider
    Nivo Slider

    If you could please let me know which slider and feature to use to get the same slider appearance I would greatly appreciate it. I am wanting to put it on my homepage.

    This is random but by the way you have a nice voice to listen to…. I have been doing some unrelated training videos lately and it is very hard to listen to come peoples voices over video….

    Thank you for your time and kind regards,


    Jason Bobich

    Aw, so I think see where the confusion is here. — What you’re describing is from Alyeska v1, which is about a year and half old now. My first instinct would be that you downloaded the theme awhile back, and are just now getting around to working with it? But it sounds like that’s not the case because you’re referring to current documentation?

    Is it possible you accidentally installed from the “archive” folder of the package you downloaded from ThemeForest? In the package you download from ThemeForest, you want to install the main file you see there in the root directory of the ZIP.

    To answer your specific question, after you’ve got Alyeska 2.1 all setup, when creating a slider, you want to select the “Carousel” slider type to get the type of slider you see here:

    I think this will be pretty straight forward after you’ve setup the most current version of the theme and everything is actually matching those videos you’re watching. 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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