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Slider broken after upgrade to 3.5.1

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    Hi Jason,

    Let me start off by saying that this theme is amazing.
    I just updated my wordpress site to 3.5.1 and the slider doesnt work anymore. I had this happen on another site and they had a javascript fix for thier slider. Any ideas how I can fix with your theme? I tried updating the theme but that just seemed to reset everything and would make way more work that needed. Just wondering if you knew of a quick fix.

    Here is the site:


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    I hope I have the same problem not solved soon, greetings

    Jason Bobich

    Hi Guys,

    You both do have the exact same issues, however they are from different plugins.

    @steebin — Thanks for that, glad to hear you like the theme. The issue on your site is because you have a plugin installed that overwrites the version of jQuery used by WordPress. This version of jQuery currently is not compatible with the theme, this causes javascript errors, and that’s why the slider doesn’t work. You just need to find the plugin that is causing the issue and disable it.

    While, you’ll be able to get around this issue by disabling a plugin, keep in mind, moving forward, that you’re using a version of the theme we no longer support. There will inevitably be more problems you’re going to run into down the road as WordPress evolves. You should consider updating your site at some point.


    Thanks Jason, I had 5 plugins that needed updates and it solved the issue. I am not sure what plugin was the issue. I do plan on upgrading the theme soon.

    Is there a way to save or export all of my settings so that when I upgrade everything isnt defaulted back? I used the ftp method upload and replace method.

    Jason Bobich

    This was a very huge update when it was made. We completely re-did the the theme from scratch. Make sure to checkout that article I linked you to. Everything in respect to the theme — theme options, slideshows, portfolios, etc — all needs to be setup again on the new system.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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