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Slide – Get Image Bug v1.1

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    Jumpstart v1.1
    Browser: Firefox 22.0 / IE10
    OS: Win7

    When attempting to add an image to the slider, the media upload modal window does not appear.
    Firebug console:
    ReferenceError: event is not defined in /framework/admin/assets/js/shared.min.js?ver=2.3.0

    Works in Chrome / Opera / Safari

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    Jason Bobich

    I am getting the same issue. It appears to be the implementation of the Media uploader everywhere in Firefox.

    Thank you, I will look into this.


    In the Changelog for v1.1.1
    – Fixed admin bugs in Firefox and IE, media uploader, radio buttons, and color pickers.

    Does this refer to the issue I addressed? I have updated the framework and ‘Get Image’ in Slides is not working, so just wanted to confirm.

    Jason Bobich

    Yes, this should be fixed. Did you clear your browser cache after updating? This is working for me fully in Firefox. This was an issue that should be resolved with the Jump Start 1.1.1 theme, and doesn’t actually correspond to the sliders plugin.


    Re-downloaded v1.1 and re-updated. Did the trick.
    Sorry, I should check everything before requesting your assistance Jason.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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