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Site showing different colors depending on Browser?

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    I know it’s common for browsers to display things slightly different but this seems a bit odd to me.

    The background behind my content is solid black or solid white depending on which Browser you look at. One is Google Chome, the other Firefox. I have also attached what the settings are within my Theme Options & what the Custom CSS code looks like:

    Screenshot #1
    Screenshot #2
    Screenshot #3
    Screenshot $4

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    Jason Bobich


    Could this possibly had been some sort of caching issue as you were switching options or configuring CSS, in whatever browser you were working with at the time? Or maybe you’re using a caching WordPress plugin that was showing different results based on if you were logged-in or not? Meaning one browser you’re logged in and not the other?

    I was able to Google and find your site, and when I view it, I get the same result no matter what web browser I view it in. Here’s a screenshot of Chrome and Firefox side-by-side:

    Possibly try clearing your browser cache, or disabling any WordPress caching plugins you may be using.


    Oh wow, I should of thought of that. That’s a strong possibility. I’ll check that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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