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Single post title and image link

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    I have a post list. I link the thumbnail to the single post (Featured image link: It links to its post). So now both the title and tumb link to the full post.

    However when on the single post page they still link to the same post page I’m on.

    Feels a bit confusing to have the title and post image link to itself on the single post page. All they do is refresh the post page?

    Is there a way to remove this, and still keep the funktion of lightboxing the image if needed on the single post page?


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    Ok. So far I’ve figured out that I can choose to hide the featured image in the post options and place the same image again into the post. That will get rid off the link on the post page image. Feels like a lot of extra work though.

    And the title link is still there.

    Jason Bobich


    Honestly this is actually a pretty standard thing in any classic blogroll. You create a matching template for the blogroll posts and the single post view. When you click through to the single post, you see the same setup but with all content opposed to some sort of excerpt that was in the blogroll. This provides constancy for the user. It gives them easy access to the permalink. Many people believe having these clickable permalinks maintained there also has some sort of SEO benefit.

    But if you’re not a fan of this classic setup, you can easily customize things if you want. The content of a single post is setup with the simple file, content.php. — You’d just copy it to your Child theme and make your edits. Feel free to remove the anchor tag around the title.


    Great, thanks!

    I don’t actually ever recall seeing this setup in all the 50+ themes I’ve used.
    Anyway. Thanks for pointing me to the content.php file.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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