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Single Post Meta Information & Post List/Grid Pagination

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    Hi Jason,

    Would you mind checking something for me on your dev/live version of Jumpstart.

    Single Post meta Info:
    I believe the “Show Meta Info at top of post” for single post in Theme Options > Content isn’t taking effect on the front side (if marked as “show”). I tried investigating but couldn’t find a solution. Perhaps a bug with pulling the option? Of course a work around would be going into content.php file and taking out the if statement… but regardless, the option is not working on my side just thought I would pass it on to you if needed.

    Post List/Grid Templates:
    Also, something else I found is that pagination doesn’t show on post-list and post-grid templates. A quick fix for this is to move the themeblvd_pagination function from where it is to within the “while” statement but wanted again to pass it along to you incase it was a bug or by design.

    Side note: I’m having a great time with JumpStart. I’ve been able to add theme options (to show the social media icons/header text… I used Aleyska as a starting point to help set it up and then customized it with changing the default values and adding it to the Theme Options panel using the JumpStart docs) and created a successful “non-responsive” blank child theme from that question I had a while ago for starting those projects. So thanks for all the docs and support!


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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for pointing these issues out to me. You’re right on both things, and I’ve fixed them for the next update.

    For the post meta, here’s what the updated content.php file looks like:

    And on Post List/Grid page templates (template_list.php and template_grid.php), the problem is that the wp_reset_query function needs to come after the themeblvd_pagination function.

    And glad to hear you’re liking Jump Start!


    Thanks for the quick fix!

    Jason Bobich

    I was a little hasty on the issue about the single post meta, it actually had nothing to do with content.php, and those changes I linked to above will actually mess some stuff up and not allow the framework to accomodate all scenarios.

    That file should be left as-is and the error is actually in /framework/frontend/functions/general.php around line 783 with this:

    themeblvd_set_atts( apply_filters( 'themeblvd_single_atts', array( 'show_meta', $show_meta ) ) );

    Which should be this:

    themeblvd_set_atts( apply_filters( 'themeblvd_single_atts', array( 'show_meta' => $show_meta ) ) );

    Just a small typo of a comma , instead of => in the array, but that’s what’s screwing everything up with the meta on single posts.


    Got it! Thanks again for the fix that’s for the fix :-p

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