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SideBar not showing Text with Images

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    Jason Bobich


    This screenshot from my demo site is the Mini Post List but you’re using the Mini Post “Grid” — Looks like you just got them mixed up is all.

    See the title at the top of the widget you’re using:


    Thank you. I suppose the large white space to the right of my thumbnails was making me think the text was missing! How do I make that white space less or center the thumbnails? How do I control that widget and that sidebar? I suppose I can figure it out, but I thought you would know where to point me. It seems a little odd to have that empty white space… Actually my client did not say anything, so maybe it doesn’t matter….

    Jason Bobich

    I’d say you basically have two options.

    1) See that option in that screenshot that says “Thumbnail Alignment” — You’d change that to centered.

    2) But the main problem I think is more that the thumbnails are too large for the narrow area you’re trying to fit them in, meaning that two can not fit on one line. So, you can play with that “Thumbnail Size” option to adjust that. “Small” is the cutesy name for the largest thumbnail size in the mini post grid/lists — Small, Smaller, and Smallest.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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