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Show Featured Image option on Pages?

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    Jason, would it be difficult to enable the “Featured Image” options for pages (use default post setting, show wide, show thumbnail, hide)? Curious why it’s disabled on pages and only available on posts? I hate to bother you. I searched for an answer in the forum. I’m thinking it might just involve adding an action for the options, and another for the display. I’ll look and see what the posts pages are doing.. Thank you!

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    Jason Bobich

    I guess maybe it’s becoming more popular than before, but classically featured image is more a blogroll kind of thing. If you take a set of blog posts, you’ve got the featured image (i.e. post thumbnail) showing in the blogroll (i.e. post list) and the single post page, or wherever that post is getting listed out. But conversely with a page, you’ve just got that one page. Generally pages aren’t listed anywhere or have other instances outside the single page view itself. So, if you want an image at the top, you can just put an image at the top, you know what I mean?

    As far as incorporating it into the theme, you could probably copy content-page.php to your Child theme. This file determines how the content of a page is displayed. You can just call the featured image function within similar to how you see you in content-list.php — The snag though is that you won’t have any of the additional options the theme gives you for setting up the featured images. It’ll just be the featured image sitting there, which you could have done by just inserting the image at the top of the page and giving it the class “pretty” to put a frame around it.

    You can get the post options to display when editing a page pretty easily, however, I don’t think that’s going to mean they’ll necessarily be applied with out extra work.

    function my_post_meta( $setup ){
    	$setup['config']['page'][] = 'page'; 
    	return $setup;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_post_meta', 'my_post_meta' );
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