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Shortcodes Plugin Not Working?

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    Frans van Gosliga


    I have WordPress 3.5.1 and Theme Blvd framework 2.2.1, but as soon as I activate the Shortcodes plugin I am not longer able to enter text in the content text box, neither visual or text, for either posts or pages. It works fine again after I deactivate the plugin, but then the short codes do not work anymore (which I copy and paste from examples, not through the plugin). Actually, when activated, it does not show any of the WordPress text style buttons either.

    Without plugin activated:

    With plugin activated:

    Does anyone have a clue?



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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Frans,

    You most likely have a server conflict with the theme’s shortcode generator. You can verify this by looking in the developer console of your web browser to see what on your server is causing the javascript error leading to the breaking of WP’s TinyMCE editor.

    Or you can just simply turn off the Shortcode generator. Go to Settings > Writing in your WP admin, and you’ll find an option to disable it.

    Frans van Gosliga

    You’re right! I am getting this error:

    GET 404 (Not Found) tiny_mce.js:1
    Failed to load: tiny_mce.js:1

    Why in the world wouldn’t it find that file? Anyway, that’s something for hosting support.

    Thanks, that was spot on!

    Jason Bobich

    It could possibly be a file permission issue (maybe from however you uploaded the theme?) or some other security kind of thing, like a mod_security catch on something in the file.

    The only way to really know for sure is to check your Sever’s error log. Most likely when that file is returned as a 404, there should be some kind of error being logged on your server. Whatever that error is, there’s probably something your hosting can do to rectify it for you, whether it’s telling you what to change the permissions of the file to, adjusting mod_security or whatever security thing is being flagged, etc.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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