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Shortcode [frame_left]

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    Hello there I just have a little question about shortcodes. In old version of Alyeska, version 1.1.2 i believe it was a shortcode called [frame_left]. It gives me a nice border around the image. Now when I’m trying to update my website to a newest version of Alyeska I can not find this shortcode or any other shortcodes to achive this nice white border around image effect. Could you push me on the right way? Is any substitute of this old one shortcode in newest version of Alyeska? Thanks in advance for a hint.

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    Disregard please. I found class”pretty” – sorry about that.

    Jason Bobich


    Just for anyone else reading this, the solution is simply to add the class “pretty” to the image itself so you end up with something like:

    <img src="image.jpg" class="alignleft pretty" />
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