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Shortcode button missing!

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    When I started using Alyeska there was a button in the visual edit mode with lots of shortcodes for buttons, icons etcetera. It was very useful. Now it’s missing – and I really miss it!
    What to do?

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    Jason Bobich

    What version of Alyeska are you using?


    Version 2.1.5.

    Jason Bobich

    Unfortunately, since you’re using a version of the theme that is so old (2.1.5 was released in August 2012), there’s no way for you to get the updated shortcode generator button for WP 3.9+ without updating the theme.

    Starting with Alyeska 3.0 (released in August, 2013), we moved the shortcode functionality to the Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin, which has been updated to have the new shortcode generator. So, because you’re using a version of Alyeska prior to 3.0, the only option for you is to actually get yourself up-to-date with the theme.


    Here’s the updated demo:

    Here’s the changelog of everything that changed in the update (specifically see 3.0.0):

    And here’s an outline you can skim that outlines everything you need to be aware of that is different in the way the theme works:

    Here’s a video that will walk you through the basics of updating a WordPress theme:

    And then moving forward from this update, you can setup updates to stream through your WordPress admin:


    Ok, I understand. Thank you.
    I’ve had Alyeska modified into a child theme by a web bureau.
    It seems that if I upgrade I will lose all the changes and modifications made to the theme? Can I “roll back” an upgrade if i don´t like it?

    I’ve now found another shortcode plugin and started to use – is this something you would recommend? I just want a neat, quick, responsive site that’s easy to manage. 🙂

    Jason Bobich

    I would recommend getting up-to-date, if you can. If you check out the latest demo, you can see how the overall responsiveness has improved. In 3.0, I re-wrote the entire responsive stylesheet. And realistically, as WordPress rolls along, you’re probably just going to run into more issues like this.

    If your customizations are in a child theme, you won’t lose them. When you update, you’re updating the parent theme, and leaving the child theme. But I’d suggest updating your site in some sort of staging environment so you can test all customizations in your child theme against the new version of the theme.

    But to answer your question, you can always swap versions. On your server where WordPress is installed, at /wp-content/themes/, you’ve got a directory for each theme. In your child theme’s style.css file, you point to the parent theme you want to use with the “template” attribute (see this video). — So, if you had two versions of the theme in different folders, it would just be a matter of changing that template attribute to the one you want to use.

    And if you are using another shortcodes plugin, by using the newer version of the theme, you can elect to not install our shortcodes plugin. This means your site would run more efficiently. Because now with the old version, you have all of our shortcodes included, but you’re not using them. So, this is a lot of resources being used when your site loads, for no reason.


    Hi Jason,
    I did as you told me and upgraded by putting all the new files in the Alyeska directory. Works fine now although a lot of the adaptations from the child theme got lost. But I figure the more I can do myself the more I won’t have to depend on a web bureau. So i fiddle along. 🙂
    Thank you!


    I just had this same issue appear today. I am using 3.1.4. All was fine and the only additional plugin I installed (but not noticing whether it caused the issue) has been deleted. I’ve deactivated the TB Shortcode plugin and reactivated it — but no success. What might cause the entire menu options to disappear?


    Sorry, I found another post where you had suggested to the person that it may have been disabled in the Settings > Writing. I looked and those it was now disabled. How or why, is a mystery, although it might have been automatic based on me deleting [raw][/raw] from the tabs I added.

    I had done that as that text appeared in Safari and mSafari, but not in Firefox or Chrome. Deleting those two lines did not break the tab content but fixed the display issue.

    If I run into this again, I know where to look.

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, apologies for the confusion. I wouldn’t really call it a bug, but there’s a current quirk in the Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin — Basically, the gist is that, if you go to Settings > Writing, and you’ve never set that option, it will sit as “deactivate” on the options page, even though it’s not currently set to anything or having any effect.

    So, if you were to go to Settings > Writing at any point and Save the options page, without taking into account that shortcode generator option, it’s going to get saved as deactivated, and thus the shortcode generator will be deactivated from that point, moving forward, until you address that option.

    This has been fixed for the next major update, to avoid confusion in the future.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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