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Setting up a new website with an existing site in operation

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    I am setting up a new website using the Barely Corporate theme to eventually replace an existing website. I currently have the Barely Corporate theme stored in a separate sub directory on the server. I have exported files from the current sit into the new website. Is there a written procedure on what the best way is to do something like this? I’m concerned about getting all the links set up and then having them not work when the site is switched over. I’ve read something about modifying the .htaccess file to use the new sub directory for the new site. Would this be the way to go or is there a preferred method? Thanks in advance.

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    Jason Bobich


    After you transfer all of your files over, then you want to do a mass find/replace of the previous URL with the new URL in your MySQL database. Then this will take care of all the places you’ve inserted images and other media.

    To do the find/replace, this is a great script you can use:

    I would suggest making a backup of your database before you do this. And after you’re all done, make sure to re-save your Permalink settings in your WP admin.

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