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selecting posts by catergory widget?

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    This may be a stupid question, but I’d like to be able to use floating widgets in columns and have only posts from certain categories show up there. To be specific it would be three columns with three separate categories with the ability to feature a single post in each. I’m new at this so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Jason Bobich


    There are probably some different ways you could accomplish this. From the Layout Builder here’s one idea —

    Don’t use any widgets or widget areas. Add a columns element and set it to three columns. For each column make the source “raw content” and do something like this:

    [post_grid categories="your-category" columns="1" rows="1"]
    [mini_post_list categories="your-category" offset="1"]

    Does that work?


    Thanks Jason,
    I tried the code and it does the job singling out the category but it makes the post super skinny. I was hoping to use use your news scroller plugin set to just one post, but you can only use one instance of that it seems. Here’s a link to the page I’m just starting to frame out. I’m trying to make it easy for the owners when I turn it over to them to list their weekly flights and beers etc.

    Home is what I wanted, with the code you told me, but I think Home3 is probably what I’ll end up doing, linking to a page with the current info (Wine Flights). Can’t believe there’s not a current plugin that one could set to show only a post from a specific category.
    Thanks for the speedy help. I really like your themes and think your documentation and support are top notch.

    Jason Bobich

    I tried the code and it does the job singling out the category but it makes the post super skinny.

    So, it sounds like this is the major issue. You’re just trying to figure out how to display a single post, and you can do that how I showed before.

    I did get a look at what you were trying to do yesterday, but I don’t think your were using the above shortcodes as I gave them to you exactly. In your [post_grid] you need to set the columns and rows both to 1. You’re essentially making a 1×1 grid, which would just display one post.

    I wanted to test before telling you this and so here’s an example using the snippet I gave you above:

    Note: The first post in the post grid is set to link to an external webpage, but that all depends on what you’ve set as the featured image link under Post Options when editing the given post

    In this example, it’s pulling from a category called Portfolio, which you can match the posts being displayed here:

    And here’s a screenshot of exactly what I did in the builder for what one of the columns.

    Click to enlarge

    The offset=1 part in the [mini_post_list] is what makes it skip the first post in displaying the listing of posts.


    Thanks Jason, I didn’t understand the code part at first as I’m super new to that, but I got it now. That definitely does grab the specific category etc. The only bummer is it loses the formatting of the post, like an ordered list etc. I was hoping that setting up a page with a post list in it and then pulling from that page would display said post in a column but that doesn’t work. I’m guessing because pulling from a page needs to have content in the page area.

    It’s an interesting dilemma, as I want the owners to be able to use a post to list the weekly items of which there will be three categories. The only reason why I mainly want it to be a post is the be able to use the social sharing options that posts provide vs page content. (ie: jetpack social sharing etc)

    Again I really appreciate the help. I can see why you’ve been so succesfull with your themes and framework.

    Jason Bobich

    In WordPress these are called “shortcodes” — They essentially give you the ability execute some PHP code from a theme or plugin. So, you’ll see that many plugins and themes come with various shortcodes that do different things. There are all kinds of plugins out there that have shortcodes that list posts in different ways.

    If you just want to display content of a post, I’m sure you can find a plugin like this one:

    So with this plugin for example, it looks like you’d just do something like this in the Builder raw content box:

    [post-content id=25]

    Thanks, That one seems like it will do the Job. I really appreciate your help. Lotta stuff to learn for me but I enjoy it.

    Here’s a strange thing for ya, The code snippets you told me for the previous attempts (post grid categories etc) work for a few times but then somehow on their on they get corrupted. After a few edits in another column on the same builder page, part of their code disappears, and then it displays skinny again.. Not that it matters now as this plugin works, but I’m guessing this is not normal behavior.

    On another note, I spent many hours looking at iThemes, Genesis and others. I even already have a developers deal at Elegant, But I really liked the way your stuff seemed simple to deal with. With your quick support and help I definitely made the right choice. Thanks again.

    Jason Bobich

    Awesome, glad to hear it!

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