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Search Results Template Parts

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    Using the latest version of JS. Is it still possible to apply a grid mode or even showcase layout for search results?

    I’ve experimented with ‘Archives Post Display’ theme option as well as adding the themeblvd_template_parts filter. Both options result in a one column post layout.

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    Jason Bobich


    Hm, there are probably several ways to do it. I think the best way would be to look into filtering “themeblvd_the_loop_args” found at /framework/includes/loop.php.

    In framework 2.5, I made it so there is a single totally complex function themeblvd_loop() that handles just about every single loop from anything in the framework. This function displays the loop of posts in every WordPress instance, along with any time you’re displaying a post grid element, post list element, whatever.

    And then when you have a WordPress page that is displaying the primary loop from WordPress (i.e. like the main blog, an archive, etc) you’ll see the themeblvd_the_loop() function called in the template file. This basically just puts together an $args array to pass to an instance of themeblvd_loop(), using the main WP query.

    So, you can filter that array with “themeblvd_the_loop_args” — You can start with changing ‘context’ to ‘showcase’ and probably remove the “search-loop” CSS class you see there. I think that should get you going down the right path.


    Wow that was easy, as it always is. I should have dug a bit deeper.

    Thanks Jason.

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