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Search Page 404 error, when creating custom search form & page from child theme

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    I have a search form with this action:

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi John,

    Does your form use the “s” name value on the input? That’s probably it. Doing anything ?s=example in the URL of your page is already reserved by WordPress.

    1) If you’re trying to do a search that builds on what WordPress does and customize it further, then you can’t have a custom page. But you can filter into pre_get_posts and pull in other form values you’ve passed, to modify the default WordPress search query. ?s=example&foo=bar

    2) Or, if you’re doing a completely custom query with a custom page, you can’t have an input with name “s” in your form. You need to make it something else. ?my_s=example

    But let’s try to keep questions here specifically to Jump Start. This is bit out of the scope of support I can offer you.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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