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script in post v builder

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    Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me why this chunk of code works great when adding it to a content section on BUILDER but it will not work at all (prints out the script) in a post.

    <script src=";adSetCode=91cDU6NuXTGKz3OdjOxFdAgJVtQcKJnI&amp;pcode=1kNG061cgaoolOncv54OAO1ceO-I&amp;width=576&amp;height=324&amp;externalId=espn:9590484&amp;thruParam_espn-ui[autoPlay]=false&amp;thruParam_espn-ui[playRelatedExternally]=true"></script>

    Thank you,


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    Jason Bobich


    The theme wouldn’t have anything to do with what you can save to a post or display in a post. This is all handled by WordPress and theme does not interfere.

    However, as a test, I put your javascript snippet into a post on my end with the theme, and it outputted what looks like a baseball video. So, it looks like it works. Are you sure you’re putting the javascript in the “Text” tab when you’re inserting into your post? Is it possible you’re trying to put it in under the “Visual” tab?

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