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    Can you help me understand the difference between bootstrap scaffolding and themeblvd columns.

    If i use the bootstrap css (row, span 8 etc) the width of the row is about 20 px more than the container – so the content sticks out unless I add padding or a negative margin.

    Themeblvd columns fit inside my container just fine.

    Jumpstart lets me use most Twitter CSS natively in place of the shortcodes but the columns don’t seem to work the same as the original bootstrap ones.

    Is there CSS I should be adding to get the bootstrap scaffolding to work?

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    Jason Bobich

    You can use whichever you like. Can I see a link to what you’re doing with the Bootstrap scaffolding? Maybe you’re doing something incorrectly?


    I created a Test Page:

    Row-Fluid seems to work fine – Row (which is what I was using) is shifted 25px to the left.

    I will try to answer my own question…

    Row – uses pixels – which assumes a container of a fixed width (1024?)
    Row-Fluid uses percentages – so it works fine in JS because it can adjust to the 980 w container

    TB uses Row-Fluid (as it should) so it matches the row/fluid – the mistake I made was using ROw.

    Jason Bobich

    You got it. You have to use the fluid grid system.

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