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Same category specific custom sidebar in single post as in post list

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    I have set up post categories: e.g. Cat1, Cat2, Cat2…
    I have set up 1 post list page per category (with left sidebar).
    I have set up custom sidebars for each post list “category” page. e.g. cat1bar, cat2bar, cat3bar…

    Viewing the different category post list pages the correct related sidebars are shown, however when I go into a single post the sidebar defaults to the default “Left sidebar” and doesn’t keep the category/post list page specific sidebar.

    I have bren trying to figure this out after reading your post on: but I simply can’t get this to work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have also read but that didn’t help either, unfortunately.

    Jason Bobich


    The single post pages would be a completely different conditional. In the widget area assignments have you assigned your sidebars to the “Posts in Category” area?


    How did I ever manage to miss all that. Brilliant, ofcourse.
    Thanks Jason!

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