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Adding page depth to responsive select primary menu

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    In the menu that shows up on mobile devices, is there anyway to have an indent for pages that are child pages? They show up as a single list, and the problem is some of the pages on the site have the same names. EG there are child pages for different parent pages that contain registration form, and are called ‘registration’. I’d lie some differentiation between the parent and child pages. Any tips?


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    PS, I think this thread here is discussing the same thing with another theme, but I can’t see it. . From the description, it sounds like what I am looking for.

    Jason Bobich


    Here’s how you can accomplish this from your Child theme with the simple select menu that Alyeska uses. Paste this code above where the framework is included in your Child theme’s functions.php:

    Note: This is something implemented in the next version of the theme, Alyeska v2.2.


    Thanks, worked great! Looks much better.

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