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Responsive Lightbox ? appealing…

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    Hi there.
    I have tried the pretty photo Lightbox with akita , but it is not responsive.
    I am also not fan on having to click twice (first on the picture and then on a full screen button) to finaly get a full screen picture
    Has any body already tried a good (small) wordpress plugin that is 100% compatible with akita ?

    Can we use WP jQuery Lightbox or ppm lightbox(uses pretty photo) ?

    Jason, do you think I can try using these plugin without any risks or conflicts with Akita ?

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    Jason Bobich

    Changing lightboxes is going to be really tricky and a very intensive customization you’d need to make; I would avoid this if I were you.

    Some improvements have been been made for the next theme update in regards to how the lightbox displays on mobile, but it should be looking all right in its current state.

    I think mostly where the issues we fixed were with the iPhone 5’s wider viewport in landscape mode. I would imagine this is a similar issue to what you’re seeing on android in landscape mode, as well, if your specific phone has a bigger screen (larger than 480px wide).

    Now, I’m not totally sure what specifically you’re referring to, but you can preview what the next update currently contains on our Jump Start demo to get an idea of what we’ve fixed.


    Thanks I guess ll have to be patient 🙂

    I have2 other questions about the lightbox.
    1/As I want to apply a lightbox on a single image (not a gallery) Can we directly go the expand image screen of the lightbox without having to click on the expand image button on the intermediate screen ?

    2/If it is not possible, can you tell me in which file I can find the title attribute of the full screen button that appears in the first step when you click on an image ?

    <a title="Expand the image" class="pp_expand" href="#" style="display: inline;">Expand</a>

    I need to translate”Expand the image”.

    Jason Bobich

    I’m not sure what you’re asking can be done with prettyPhoto, but for any customizations to prettyPhoto you want to make:

    From your Child theme, you’d want to setup your own javascript file that (a) proceeds the framework’s javascript and (b) establishes jQuery in a non-conflicting way.

    And then, specifically for prettyPhoto, all you need to do is copy the code from the framework’s javascript to your Child theme’s javascript file to re-bind to the proper selector:

    $('a[rel^="themeblvd_lightbox"], a[rel^="featured_themeblvd_lightbox"]').prettyPhoto({
    	theme: themeblvd.prettyphoto_theme, // Filter with themeblvd_js_locals
    	social_tools: false, // Share icons are not compatible with IE9
    	deeplinking: false,
    	overlay_gallery: false,
    	show_title: false

    And now you’ve got the call to the prettyPhoto namespace in your hands and you can manipulate any properties you want. (See prettyPhoto documentation under “Customization”)


    Wow this is starting to scare me. I really need to study this. Thank you anyway.

    Now I have another question.
    I would like to create a interactive image map using Jquery to simply hide and show some informations as i click on some icons( that will be displaced on the map). I intend to place this map in a page (not a post)
    I am personally creating my graphic map (I don’t want to use any special Api, just a simple but big image).
    Could you just give me further advice or any further recommendation if I try to insert this map with Akita ?
    Do you know if there is a plugin that would fit to my goal (I know google is my friend but all the plugins i have found do not enable to create our own map).
    I know I am asking a lot but I would higly appreciate if you have some tips…

    Jason Bobich

    Apologies, but this is sort of moving now very much past support. 😉


    Apologies. I understand.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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