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replacing prettyphoto, other scripts…

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    Israel Curtis

    So I’d prefer to use a different lightbox with standard post galleries, but I’m not seeing a clear way of doing so. I found all the registering going on in /framework/frontend/functions/general.php, so I thought I’d just “dequeue” them, so in the wp_head hook I used:


    but this resulted in javascript console errors, as prettyphoto was still being called in themeblvd.js (/framework/frontend/assets/js/themeblvd.js) – and I don’t see any mechanism for overriding these functions. Do I have to override this entire themeblvd.js file? how?

    The same problem exists for superfish, roundabout, etc. You have a confusing filter for $themeblvd_framework_scripts, which seems to be only about dependencies – I thought maybe by hooking this filter it would actually change which scripts were activated. That would be far clearer.

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    Found interesting problem and something to remember if Jump Start go with new SuperFish. Latest is 1.5.8 btw. He seems to be about done!

    Later version of SuperFish require a special version of HoverIntent, does not work with older. He have made one

    Out of the box SuperFish test for HoverIntent and this give problem if an older incompatible version is loaded. What happens is dropdown stops working. Have to click even if useClick is set to false. Very weird.

    JS error console

    Error: Superfish requires you to update to a version of hoverIntent that supports event-delegation, such as this one:

    I could not understand why because I did not load HoverIntent. Then I thought of WordPress! That damn Admin bar does this. When activated this old version is in here /wp-includes/js/admin-bar.min.js so to fix this one must use disableHI: true when initializing SuperFish. Or remove WordPress file. Or load newer HoverIntent on top and see what happens 🙂

    Jason Bobich

    Thanks, Karlo. I’ve made a note of these things in my repository for this issue.

    I’m still not sure if I’ll be updating Superfish or not; I want to wait on this awhile.


    Well it is easy enough to replace for those who want it. A bit annoying with admin bar issue because that file cant really be replaced, there is more code in it. And is used in bar of course + a WordPress core file. So only way is to tell Superfish to ignore = Jump Starts main JS file has to be edited a little bit. Unless it can be done on the fly which I have not attempted. But only annoyance so not like it cant be used without being part of Jump Start.

    Changelog from 1.4.8 which is the version everyone uses:

    So if you go with new be sure it is the very latest. Most up to 1.5.8 were betas, “Bug fix for previous bug fix.” 🙂 Besides some code updates to modern jQuery, which migrate.js will handle, it is mostly about click feature, probably cant tell a difference if not used.


    If anyone is testing be careful with todays version 1.7.0

    Complete code restructure to allow private and public methods and properties.

    Use cleaner, best-practice way of accessing public methods, eg: .superfish(‘show’).

    Old hideSuperfishUl and showSuperfishUl methods deprecated but will work (for a short while) as aliases.

    Add public ‘destroy’ method and ‘onDestroy’ callback (closes issue #51).

    Replace autoArrows functionality (generated spans and arrow image) with CSS-only arrows using pseudo-element borders (closes issue #35).

    Remove useClick feature (closes issue #47).

    Allow Supersubs CSS to optionally work on top-level of vertical menu.

    Rename some functions to reflect their toggleability.

    Prevent re-initialisation of Superfish.

    Add buttons to example page to demonstrate public methods (destroy, show, hide).

    Allow scrolling touch action on IE10 (better for small screens, ie. Windows Phone 8).

    Short Jump Start version:
    Breakage as he removed .sf-sub-indicator class.

    Is not to start changing tons of CSS. I did that.

    Instead change JS in Jump Start.


    // Activate Superfish
    	// Adjust sub indicators to use fontawesome
    	$('ul.sf-menu-with-fontawesome > li > a .sf-sub-indicator').replaceWith('<i class="sf-sub-indicator icon-caret-down"></i>');
    	$('ul.sf-menu-with-fontawesome ul li a .sf-sub-indicator').replaceWith('<i class="sf-sub-indicator icon-caret-right"></i>');


    // Activate Superfish
    	$('ul.sf-menu').superfish({cssArrows: false, disableHI: false}).addClass('sf-menu-with-fontawesome');
    	// Adjust sub indicators to use fontawesome
    	$('ul.sf-menu-with-fontawesome > li > a.sf-with-ul').append('<i class="sf-sub-indicator icon-caret-down"></i>');
    	$('ul.sf-menu-with-fontawesome ul li a.sf-with-ul').append('<i class="sf-sub-indicator icon-caret-right"></i>');

    There is nothing to replace anymore, .sf-sub-indictaor class is gone so chaos.
    Instead there is a.sf-with-ul but that cant be replaced so sf-sub-indicator must be added to place icon correctly. And not to mess CSS.

    Seems to work for Primary Navigation, not tried Secondary. Should be about the same.

    I blame “Complete Code restructure” 🙂

    oops, I have “disableHI: false” so SuperFish will pick up hoverintent script. This works if the real one is used, an updated one. Not the case for WordPress thanks to the outdated version they use in Admin bar. SuperFish guy have posted on trac thingy – they will update. Right now I am not sure it work at all so set to TRUE or update to right hoverintent. Is in Superfish download.


    v1.7.3: You can now use Superfish to create mega-menus. CSS file and example page included. Regardless of whether mega-menus are evil, at least now they’ll be touch-compatible.

    Just passing info on 😉

    Touch-compatible require hover-indent to be loaded as well btw.

    I am mostly “Meh” to uber mega menus but some might like. If interesting may be check out how Suffusion does it As far as I know only free theme with mega menu feature build in. The first at least. No uber-menu needed.

    I think I can see meaning in column based normal text-links, what Super Fish offer with via some CSS. I am “Meh” to google maps, Youtube video popping up and all that. Not sure how any of this will work when responsive mode kicks in! Troublesome will be my guess.

    Side note: What is better than PrettyPhoto, even Colorbox. What will own Lightbox area for years to come? Magnific! Heard it hear first 🙂 Works really really great. CSS3! and super easy to set up. Dont need plugin. Dev. is of Royal Slider fame, bad ass.

    Jason Bobich

    I’ve finally got Superfish 1.7 integrated for Jump Start 1.1. It went in with not that much issue.

    And I am actually looking maybe switching the lightbox to Magnifico with a plugin to change things back to prettyPhoto, for those that want it. Good find!


    Yes, that dev. is good. I have played a lot with Magnific, also latest zoom feature. Just yummy. I dont know about PrettyPhoto, how far dev. is with new version 4. He talked about that. Can never tell so good idea to have backup – which might actually be better. Or end up being, is still under construction.

    I also have not tested superfish with “touch” feature. He says hoverIntent is required. But that is also part of WordPress admin bar. He made them update to latest version, is in 3.6 already. Not sure what that means for load. Might as well use the one from WordPress I guess. Must prevent double load I mean, can use same handle.

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