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Remove framework assets

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    Referencing this page on the documentation:

    What other scripts are in the framework which can be removed? For example, if I wanted to remove fontAwesome, HoverIntent, bootstrap, or MagnificPopop:

    function remove_magnificpopup( $config ){
        $config['assets']['magnific_popup'] = false;
        return $config;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_global_config', 'remove_magnificpopup' );

    Could you supply a list of all strings which are associated with each framework asset or which page in the framework lists them all.


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    Jason Bobich


    If you want a clearer picture of where these are being filtered and which ones are there, checkout the function themeblvd_setup found in /framework/includes/general.php.

    As of now, here are what’s currently there you can set to true or false.

    1. primary_js – Primary “themeblvd” script
    2. primary_css – Primary “themeblvd” stylesheet
    3. bootstrap – Twitter Bootstrap script/stylesheet
    4. magnific_popup – Magnific Popup script/stylesheet
    5. superfish – Superfish script
    6. ios_orientation – legacy “ios-orientationchange-fix” script (false by default)
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