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Read More Button after blog excerpt directs to current page

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    On this page:

    The “read more” button directs back to the current page. The same behavior on the home page with the mini-post-list. The title and icon work fine. This is with ver 2.0.0rc-1, Theme Blvd WPML Bridge is activated, though deactivating had no effect.

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    Jason Bobich

    I can’t reproduce on my end and haven’t heard of this issue before from anyone. Something you’re doing with a plugin has to be interfering in some way. Maybe the translation plugin? Can you think of anything else that would mess with the main WordPress object or loop? If we can figure out what it is, maybe we can come up with a workaround.

    Also as an experiment, here’s something you can try that I can think of. Copy content-list.php to your child theme, and change this:

    <?php echo themeblvd_button( themeblvd_get_att('more_text'), get_permalink( get_the_ID() ), 'default', '_self', 'small', 'read-more', get_the_title( get_the_ID() ) ); ?>

    To this:

    <?php echo themeblvd_button( themeblvd_get_att('more_text'), get_permalink(), 'default', '_self', 'small', 'read-more', get_the_title() ); ?>

    The site is now running with Version: 2.0.0-RC1 as the active theme. The only plugins activated are the recommended plugins and WPML Multilingual CMS ver (current).

    deactivating Multilingual CMS solves the read more problem.

    on the live site I moved content-list.php to child and made this adjustment:

    Since $post seems to be holding its value thru the_excerpt(), I “cached” get_permalink() and used the value in the read more link. So for my purposes the problem is solved. Thanks for the content-list.php suggestion.

    note: in my solution if I replace echo $x with echo get_permalink() in the last line it links to the wrong page (current).

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    Avada had a similar issue with Read More buttons and WPML. This might help if it is an issue with the way JS is filtering the read more permalink:

    I am going to be doing another WPML install with JS 2.0 soon, so I’ll let you know in the next couple weeks if I see an issue with the Read More buttons. We will also be running WooCommerce, so that will be fun.

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