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Problems moving dev site to live site

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    As I understand it, now in JS2, we do have Theme Options export / import when we use the Theme Blvd Importer plugin. It does work nicely, but we have had problems with the entire process of going live with a dev site.

    We just went live from a dev site changing over to the primary domain. We always use a subdomain to test and develop the WP site using Jumpstart. Then we copy the database to the primary domain and copy WP with JS2 to the same and link them up in WPConfig and change some settings in WP Admin / General to do with the domain, and then we remove references to the subdomain in the Database.

    Then the site reverts back to the Jumpstart Defaults. This seems to be because some of the references are broken and the system “just reverts” all settings rather than showing us where the errors are so we can fix only the few errors or broken links. It seems that JS2 needs us to click the Get Image buttons for Logos or Banner Picture IDs and things like this, in order to save the correct link so it does not revert. But we are not sure.

    Importing does not work to fix everything and many settings need to be re-saved within the primary domain system.

    I would like to learn a better way to go from a subdomain dev site to a live production site without all the extra work inside the Theme Options area and inside the Manage Elements areas on Pages. It seems many settings revert to default or disappear.

    Even with this problem (which I am sure can be solved), JS2 is simply the greatest system I have ever used on the web.

    Any help would be welcomed with gratitude 🙂

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    Jason Bobich


    …and then we remove references to the subdomain in the Database.

    I have a feeling this is where your issue is. It’s a very, very common issue. I don’t know how you’re doing this URL change in your database, but if you’re directly editing fields of your database through PhpMyAdmin (or whatever database management tool you use), you’re directly editing an SQL import file, etc, you’re going to break any serialized data that is associated with that.

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