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PrettyPhoto Lightbox Vimeo Integration

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    Hi There
    I am so happy with your template, it works like a charm and I am starting to get the hang of how WordPress and your plugin works. I am just curios. Is there a way to show a vimeo video inside the lightbox at 720p? At the moment the plugin defaults to SD resolutions, but since it is all about videos on my page, I would like to show it at 720p, without having to go full screen. If you can tell me where I can change the setting of “themeblvd_lighbox” I can make the changes so it will fit me. I would also like to turn of the scale button in my lightbox images and change the font used to write the titles. I just cannot find the .js file or .css file where those infos are stored.
    thanks for your help


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Marco,

    I’m afraid there’s no setting anywhere you can change this, that I know of, anyway. When linking to your video in prettyPhoto, I do believe they allow you to change the width/height, but that’s all.

    <a href="" rel="themeblvd_lightbox">

    All of the information about using prettyPhoto is here:

    Note: I’m not totally sure if the width/height works for Vimeo, but I know it does for YouTube.

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